Best Of 2020


2020 has been a shitty year for so so many people. But lockdown has meant I've been able to spend a lot of time with my girls and dedicate many hours to making Dumb Koala what it is today. But this place would be nothing without you guys and your astonishing support. The pledges, tips, and constant kind words keep me motivated to always improve. Without you, this would have stayed a little hobby for my own... enjoyment, but your overwhelming kindness means I've turned this into a career! For that I'm eternally grateful 🥰 I never knew I had these stories and these skills in me. Life sometimes takes you down strange paths, but to be able to create for a living? That's the near impossible dream for so many artists. And yet here I am, working for you guys, making gorgeous, unique girls, and bringing their sexy stories to life. So, our DK girls are a celebration of the beauty of youth. DK is the fire of sexual desire that burns in every teenager, brought to life. It's the journey of sexy discovery that every hormone addled teen goes through, made real. That passion shouldn't be hidden behind closed doors. An experience so universal to us all should be encouraged and nurtured. It should be explored and enjoyed. So, indulge yourself in a year of Dumb Koala in this video. I haven't been able to fit nearly enough content in it, but I didn't want it to be multiple hours in length lol. Still, it is a long boi, but I promise you there's a little treat if you stay all the way to the end 😘 Thank you again. This has literally changed my life and it is all down to you 😭 (yes, I'm actually crying writing this). Bring it on 2021! Henny xxx Video: 16:55 duration