Woodland Creature


There are rumors of a strange creature roaming the woods of Cummingbrook! It has been spotted darting between the trees and hiding in the undergrowth. Any attempts to get close has resulted in the creature fleeing into the depths of the forest, never to be seen again.

But today it is raining, and the sound of the downpour has masked your approach. Blonde, willowy, and... beautiful, the creature isn't a creature at all, she's a girl! She may have strange, pointy ears, but every other part of her shockingly naked body is 100% teen girl!

And you seem to have interrupted the little nymphet's alone time! Wary, but horny, her heightened arousal has given her a rare bravery to stick around and show off!

Cum see if you can tame Elaine as she tames her lust...