Doing My Thing B&W


Meet Wednesday. She's clever, brooding, sullen, and a practitioner of the occult arts. As a member of a big, odd family, she's comfortable being the outcast. Other people are often too stupid to be anything other than annoyances to Wednesday, so she values time alone above all else. And time spent with her pet disembodied, sentient hand, Thing, can be very rewarding! Wednesday is a collaboration with the super talented VaM model artist A1X. Wednesday is his amazing creation, and is freely available for VaM on his Patreon! I love A1X's models so much, we have teamed up to showcase his gorgeous girls (with only a few, minor DK tweaks). So, look forward to seeing more of A1X's work in the future joining the DK cast. And if you love his work as much as me, please go support A1X on Patreon and have fun in VaM! Cum see adorable little Wednesday do her Thing now... Black and White version!